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Virtual Tours

Can I add a Google Street View to my website?

You can embed a Google Street View in a web page of your choosing quickly and easily, using a link provided by Google.

Do I have to pay to host a Google Street View?

There is no ongoing charge by either Nexus Photography or Google to host your Google Street View. It sits on Google servers and can be linked to your Google My Business profile, adding a boost to your online presence.

Can I upgrade a Google Street View to a Bespoke Virtual Tour?

In some cases the same photos can be used to create a bespoke virtual tour, giving you the added bonus of interactivity in your tour. However, additional photos may need to be taken. Contact us to find out more.

Are you qualified to pilot drones and fully insured?

Nexus Drone pilots have CAA approved PfCO certification to fly UAVs commercially, accompanied by full public liability insurance. Copy documents available on request.

Are there restrictions on where you can fly the drone?

Locations such as prisons, power stations, nature reserves, bird sanctuaries, military installations, airports and National Trust land carry restrictions for flying UAVs. Authorisation may be obtained upon request in certain circumstances. Please contact us for more information.

Do you need to survey the site first?

For aerial photography a preliminary flight assessment is always carried out to establish any restrictions that may be in place or physical obstructions that would prevent safe operation of our UAV equipment. For an indoor tour we do not need to survey first, although floor plans will assist with our preparation before attending site.

Who owns the content copyright?

You are free to use any images or video within your business as you choose. However, you are not allowed to directly resell any images or video as your own. All image and video copyright will be retained by Nexus Photography and we reserve the right to use any material for our business promotional material, unless specified otherwise by the client.


What is Photogrammetry?

Wikipedia explains photogrammetry as 'the use of photography in surveying and mapping to ascertain measurements between objects'. To learn more please visit the Knowledge Centre.


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